Shop Shots


A gallery of our Shop Shots, for those who just love a Shop.

So congrats’, you have shop-surfed through an old school sign shop museum, at least online. I’ll keep tossing up shots from around the shop as the inspiration comes. Thanks for checking us out!

If you are asking yourself “where can I get really nice signs” or “who makes good custom signs” in Raleigh, NC, please consider making us your one stop shop for custom signs, handmade signs, hand painted signs, carved signs, gold leaf signs, silver leaf signs, old style signs, old school signs, vintage signs, creative signs, painted signs, neon signs, retro neon, hand lettering, art deco signs, good truck lettering, vintage truck lettering, old school truck lettering and more. If you need a cool new storefront sign, business sign, bed and breakfast sign, ranch sign, community entrance sign, office wall sign, reception area sign, good banners, hand painted window signs, window lettering, hours sign on the door, or any other awesome and amazing signs, that’s what we do here at Artcraft Sign Co.

Our shop in Raleigh has been making all types of signage for over 80 years without interruption. If you wonder who made the awesome sign you saw down the road, give us a call, we appreciate that you noticed! Weather or not we made that particular sign, we would love to make a great sign for you.

Quality, well made and well designed signs are critically important to your image and your brand, don’t skimp on quality for the sake of a few dollars saved at the beginning. Your sign will be talking to your customers for years, a good quality well made and well designed sign, appropriate for your business, your image, and your message, is key to getting your business noticed and remembered. There are still a few really great sign companies left, choose wisely!

Artcraft Sign Co is a working sign shop museum, the oldest full service, full line custom commercial sign shop in Raleigh, constantly striving to be the coolest sign shop making the very best signs we can, every day.

Please surf our site for a few minutes, it is mostly sign pictures on purpose, so that you can easily see the difference a good sign can make.
Our portfolio page, showing some of our higher end work, can be viewed here:

Some of our more standard, day-to-day signs can be seen here:

Please support your non-corporate, non-franchise local sign shop, even if it is not Artcraft!
These local shops can usually provide you with many creative options for signage that fall outside of the “standard” offerings of cookie cutter corporate sign stores.
Many of these small locally owned sign shops help keep your community looking fresh and diverse with unique designs, great letter styles, awesome and effective layouts, cool colors, and well thought out designs and material choices / finishes that not only function affectively but add aesthetic character and value to your local business community as a whole.
If that community Raleigh, NC, well we hope you will give us a try at Artcraft Sign Company.


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