About the artist

Jim Neon Sign

Jim tweaking an Artcraft built retro neon sign before installation.

Jim: Owner-Operator-Creative at Artcraft Sign Co.
Raleigh NC

Jim started in the sign business as a young teen, running around watching his Father hand letter trucks, race cars, and signs in the 1970’s. After trying every job description he could think of, Jim finally conceded the inevitable; that he too was a sign guy, and got his first job in the trade running a small Mom & Pop Shop in Virginia.
Since then, he has tried almost every job description within the sign industry from top to bottom.  From shop boy to manager of a small shop to hand lettering and custom sign shop manager, shop owner three or four times over in different markets, general manager of a 25 man multi-million dollar sign operation, director of franchise services at a 40 store sign franchise HQ, installer, employee of a franchise vinyl sign shop, owner of a franchise vinyl sign shop, builder, fabricator, designer, bucket truck operator, salesman, consultant to shop owners, graphic artist, guilder, electrician, and more. With 25 year experience at all levels of the trade, finally settling on a job description of “all of the above”, Jim walked into Artcraft in late 2009 and bought it.

Merging his existing built from scratch Studio 106 shop into Artcraft in 2009, Jim began the process of resurrecting the 75-year-old Artcraft Sign Co., slowly bringing it back from the edge of closure by focussing on the niche of “historically relevant craft – inspired functional design – high quality custom signage”, generally almost unavailable in the local market at the time. Gently nurturing by mixing historical trade process going back 100 years with the latest technology, technique, and tooling, Jim tries to keep Artcraft pointed North.

Jim’s Hobbies include: Landscape, Architectural, and Abstract Photography, Old Trucks, Tractors, and Motorcycles, Hiking in the Mountains, Camping, Music and Film.

Sylvia Weaver at the boards

Sylvia Weaver demonstrating her letter strokes at Artcraft

Sylvia: Artcraft Historian, Hand Lettering Artist, Professional Southern Charm Customer Service Representative, Savvy Businesswoman, and local “Queen of all things Raleigh and Artcraft”.

Sylvia owned the store from the 1980’s to 2009. Having struck up a friendship with Jim early in the 21st century, she handed over the reigns in ’09, hoping that Jim would perhaps continue on the traditions that are Artcraft for another generation.
Sylvia grew up in this sign shop, her father Jimmy Weaver started Artcraft in 1933 and when he retired in the 1980’s, Sylvia – having already worked with her Dad for many years – took over the operation and ran it herself for 30 + years until her own retirement in ’09.

Sylvia’s Hobbies include: Fine Art Painting, Genealogy, Family & Friends, and History.

Artcraft Associates

There are many collaborators behind the scenes at Artcraft, key people who are so intertwined with our operation that we consider them partners in our ability to produce the work. Failing to introduce them would be egregious.

Most important among our partners is you, for without quality clients bringing cool ideas, logical budgets, & allowing us the room to help develop their vision, we do not exist.

Some of our key Associates:

Tracey Jackson, Jackson Signs. Jim’s father.
Mark Shearon, DMS Neon. Mark bends all of the neon glass used in our work.
Chris Martin, Stop Sign Graphics.
Wes Faulkner, PC Signs.
SignCraft Magazine. This publication continues to inspire and inform throughout our small corner of the industry.


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