SignCraft Cover

15 Minutes of Passionate Sign-Maker Fame in Raleigh, NC

Back in 1980-something, when I got into the sign biz, the very first thing I did was subscribe to SignCraft Magazine (

There being only two publications dedicated to our trade, one geared toward the big “corporate” electric sign companies, the other carefully presented to the small commercial shops (like mine), buying SignCraft was a no-brainer. Every issue of the magazine featured tips & tricks, how-to articles, business management lessons, and pricing information; but what I looked forward to more than anything was the owner / artist profiles, the pictures, and the art-form of Signmaking displayed page after page in 4 color process. The amazing talent consistently published by SignCraft inspired me, my sign-writer friends, and thousands of others in our trade with a passion for excellence, professionalism, and mastering of the craft that still drives many of us today.

SignCraft continues to be the best of the best for small shops like Artcraft, and I still subscribe, always looking forward to the next issue. The magazine ships to enthusiastic sign people in over 30 countries, and is considered by most to be the “bible” of our work.

Being featured in this magazine is a bit like an Academy Award to a sign guy like me, so I could not resist the urge to share.
It is with pride, humility, and much appreciation to SignCraft, that I present here the cover of the latest issue of SignCraft Magazine, featuring one of my very own signs!
Inside is a bit of a bio on me, my shop, and some of the work I have been doing here in my Raleigh, NC market. (Raleigh-ites take note, your sign might be published!)

With many thanks to all of the amazing and inspirational talent that has been featured in the mag over the years, my supportive clients here in Raleigh, and to related-trade shops that have my back when I need it, I give you Artcraft in SignCraft!

See the full print version of the article here:

Raleigh’s Artcraft Sign Co Article

Thanks for reading!



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