Vintage Hand Lettered Truck Decals

An 80 year old Sign Company with multiple Vintage Shop Trucks; the perfect storm!

How it started:
Though our shop is well known for hand lettering & vintage signage, I have always been reluctant to actually Paint our truck doors.
This got me thinking: maybe I am not the only guy who wants old school hand lettering on his vintage truck, but doesn’t want it to be permanent.
With a passion for old trucks and hand lettering, a bunch of attention-to-detail, and the desire to create something that I would be happy to have on my own trucks, I spent some time perfecting the art setup, graphics software process, and print and cut issues to the point where I felt that the quality of our Vintage Decal set was excellent.
The resulting Vintage Decals, designed for vintage trucks with a great patina, offer hand lettered authenticity AND the ability to remove the lettering sometime down the road with no lasting effect on the truck.

The Process (loosely):
Starting with our standard typefaces or your provided vector logo, we do the brush stroke artwork by hand to simulate old-school hand-lettered truck doors as they age. The art then goes through scanning and editing on computer, color separations, and then to subsurface digital print using outdoor ink on clear 3m decal film. We laminate the film with UV clear matte film to achieve a flat “aged” sheen matching the faded brush strokes (you can see your truck paint color “through” the product), and then precision contour cut around the printed graphics.
The process is a fairly complicated technical and creative one, and as such is not the cheapest process we do. Still, the final product is on par with both the cost and the service life of an actual hand-lettered door. This is not a quick Photoshop reproduction, rather a carefully created set of permanent but removable decals specifically designed to look like authentic vintage hand lettering on your truck. The net effect is that your trucks color (and any patina!) shows through between the graphical elements and from behind the “faded” brush strokes, very much like it would on an old faded truck door that was hand-lettered years ago. See the close up pics below.

How to Buy:
Artcrafts’ Vintage Truck Decal kits can be purchased via our online store here:
Product Options and Shipping charge info is on that page.
Base Price is $375 for a set of two, one color decals up to 12″ h x 24″ wide.
Note that multiple color separations, complex artwork, logo development, larger sizes, international shipping, etc. will increase your final price.

We will need from you:
-A quality color picture of your actual truck door
-Height and width measurements of the entire metal door area.
-Complete accurate ship-to info (Name, Co. Name, Address, and Phone).
-Any artwork you wish to reproduce, or at least the wording you desire and any typeface or style info you can provide.
-Any color request you have.
-Payment via Credit Card (the online store can accept that, we will be notified almost immediately).

No worries, We will email you requesting the above info when your order comes in!
We’ll also provide a digital proof to you for your approval so you know what your set will look like before we produce and ship. If you send us a good shot of your whole truck, we’ll send a proof back using that pic, and you will really be able to get an idea of what the proposed artwork will look like.

Pics below of one of our trucks, and panels for clients.

Thanks! – Jim at Artcraft.


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