Artcraft Trucks

We  love Vintage around here!
At 81 years old and counting, perhaps Artcraft might be allowed some small level of authority on this current trend, as we  have been making Vintage since it was Brand New. In keeping with our passion for traditional sign-making (and Vintage Trucks), we find ourselves making custom signage using antique equipment going as far back as the mid 1930’s. We also utilize state of the art CNC tooling, computers, digital printers and software, but we always remember our roots in the trade, and frequently our best work seems to come from some combination of old and new. Design sensibilities, practiced skills, and attention to detail are critical to good signwork, but adding anything “old school” to the mix really seems to bring out the cool factor. At Artcraft we can hand letter – scan – and digitally emulate faded lettering decals for a retro-style project, and we can also apply actual paint with a lettering quill. In this modern app & gadget happy world, any given job might require a MacBook Pro and Adobe CS5, or a number 2 pencil and a blank sheet of paper. We use both.

Our trucks are typical of our shop: old, drafty, authentic, cool, and functional. We are a bit proud to still offer hand lettering and 23 karat gold letters, and sometimes we will show up to work on your project in a ’58 Ford Pickup. Or…maybe a Dodge….or a Chevrolet….

You may have seen our little blue f100 pickup delivering signs in and around Raleigh. As of late summer 2014, our very vintage orange & black 1953 Dodge Power Wagon truck is “in service” as well. The black 1960 f100 big window is next up on our Artcraft Garage list, and the tan mid-eighties square body Chevrolet has been delivering signs since….well….1984!

We hope these trucks bring a smile to your face if you see ‘ em, ‘cuz we love Vintage anything at Artcraft. Hit me up for a ride if you like, but don’t expect any air conditioning!


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