Hi Sign Lover!

If you are looking for cool signs, custom signs, hand painted signs, gold leaf signs, vintage neon signs, retro signs, amazing signs, carved signs, lighted signs, truck lettering, banners, posters, sign art, commercial art, creative sign makers, and old school sign types in Raleigh, NC, we want to be your go to shop. There is a reason that dozens of local sign stores refer people to Artcraft Sign Company. If you have scrolled down long enough to get here, maybe you should give us a call as well. We would love to work with you on your next sign project, be it a portfolio project as shown above, or a simple standard sign type (also illustrated on this site) which we produce every day, we are looking for a few more select, good clients to build relationships with.

If you are looking for a cookie cutter, you buy what we sell, corporate sticker discount next day sign store, we are not it. We don’t compete at that level because we care about what we do more than we care about our margin. If you want your Sign Company to provide signs professionally designed, recommended, and handmade, with care, to do as they are tasked, well, now we can talk! If you are looking for a good deal on a sign, imagine that the sign we make for you will be working for you 24-7, inviting your clients in, for years after you have paid for it in full. You will make a lot more money on that sign than we will, I promise you. Getting a cheap sign is like wearing a cheap suit. If you don’t know the difference, we won’t try to bother you with the facts. We will assume that your sign is your priority, but if saving money is your priority, just let us know ahead and we will offer you a sign that saves you money.  Just remember that Discerning Customers can tell the difference.
Think about how you choose a restaurant while on vacation. I would bet that  a lot of the time, it is the Sign that brings you over the threshold. Don’t write your invitations in crayon.

We have been making signs for a long, long time. We are ever aware of sign trends and of signage history. We work to stay current, relevant, and professional, but we know how to, and routinely do, produce signage the way it was made 100 years ago. While your average corporate sign shop owner will spend a few hours on effective sign layout training, we have spent a few decades.  Given that Signs are the actual product being designed, made, and sold, we thought it would be a good idea to excel at making the signs, before we started hardcore into the selling of them. As a working sign shop museum, we have invested much time, energy, and money  in tooling, training, and skill set development to maintain our ability to offer a full range of products, one of which is likely just right for you. Throw in a few ounces of hyper creativity and you start to discover the recipe that is Artcraft. When you come to us, know that we will listen to you, understand your needs, and recommend the correct sign product to meet them. Sometimes this is a $10 or $15k portfolio piece (we love those; though we actually make less margin on the type – they seem to be very photogenic!), and sometimes it is a $35.00 bargain. What makes us smile is knowing that we paired up the correct sign with the correct application and owner, not that we maintained a standard 18% cost of goods ratio. Our success is almost completely based on yours, so doing it right is rather important to us.

Try something different, get some Artcraft.
Thanks for spending a moment here with us!
-Jim, Artcraft


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  1. Just saw a very cool feature about your shop in the July issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines magazine. I was impressed and checked out your website. Excellent. I’m a Raleigh native of 58 years and didn’t know your story. Where have I been??? If anyone ever asks, I will be referring them to Artcraft.


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